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This website has been created by me, an individual residing in the UK, and who has NOTHING to do with legal services in any single country in the entire world. Hereby I am solely willing to provide you with MY STORY on how I have got my UK Residency sorted. This I provide to you via media (i.e. audio, video, pdf).

UK European Permanent Residency Card

This is my UK Permanent Residency Card as a member of a EU country.

Why to get your UK Permanent Residency EU Card.

In these turbulent Brexit times of great uncertainty and also anxiety, more than 3M Europeans residing in the UK feel worried, stranded or endangered, to put it in a pleasant way.

Hence I believe it is fair we help one another to establish a sensible and reassuring situation in terms of how to obtain the UK residency in the nicest and simplest way, and regardless of what it may happen in the future within the upcoming procedures of Brexit and the situation of European residents in the UK.

It is so that I have taken the time and effort to put together my story, so perhaps you can take advantage of the advice, hints and procedures I recount to you upon how I got my residency arranged, all in a LEGAL, LEGITIMATE & GENUINE way.

If you want to know more, click My Story to find out how I got my UK Permanent Residency Card, in 14 days!